Female shoulders workout

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This article and workout Female shoulders workout was written and created by By Karen Sessions By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT

Female shoulders workout is a must in order to top off any hour glass

Developed Shoulders for a Polished Physique

By Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT

The shoulder, also known as the deltoid, can be a difficult muscle to produce growth. Well-developed shoulders can enhance the rest of your physique by adding shape and making your waist appear smaller.

Many go about shoulder training all wrong, training them too much, not enough, the wrong exercises in the wrong order, or not using enough weight to even stimulate the thought of growing.

In order to build balanced shoulders you have to lift heavy weight, in the proper order and with proper form. You cannot neglect the basics.

The deltoid in composed of three heads anterior, lateral, and posterior. Each should be trained in a precise manner for maximum development.

Overall Shoulder Development and the perfect female shoulders workout

The shoulder press works the entire deltoid, increasing overall mass, power, and strength. This is the granddaddy exercise for great shoulder development, therefore should be incorporated first.

It's safest to press from the front rather from the back. Behind-the-neck pressing is an unnatural movement, and if the weight is heavy, it can cause damage. Lift heavy weight in natural body alignment to reduce risk of injury.

Build A Powerful Feminine Body with a good female shoulders workout

Symmetry Exercise for Developed Shoulders

Lateral raises are the best for enhancing shoulder symmetry. Place these second in your shoulder training. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and elevate until each is parallel to the floor. Do not go past this point.

The upright row can be an alternative to the lateral raise. Grab a bar in the center and pull it up to your collarbone. Don't go heavy on this exercise. Keep the weight light to moderate.

Front Shoulders for Developed Shoulders

The front raises adds size to the anterior portion of your shoulders. Use a shoulder-width grip and proper body alignment. Bring the bar from lowered position, hanging in front of you next to your legs, then raise the bar straight out in front of you until it's parallel to the floor.

Create the Body of YOUR Dreams!

Rear Shoulders for Developed Shoulders are all part of a good female shoulders workout

Bentover lateral raises add size to the back of your shoulders. Bend over at the hips, grasping a light to moderate dumbbell in each hand. With your upper body parallel to the floor, slowly bring each dumbbell up to your sides, making sure not to elevate them past your body that is parallel. Contract and squeeze the shoulder blades together, keeping constant tension on them throughout the exercise.

These can also be performed on a machine, which I like much better because it allows you to really isolate the rear deltoids.

Conclusion to Developed Shoulders, female shoulders workout

If you want nicely shaped shoulders, put in a little extra work and effort by adding some weight, especially on the shoulder press. Focus on making progress with each workout and you will soon see great results.

Karen Sessions NSCA-CPT

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Female shoulders workout

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