Next Level Workout

A next level workout is any workout designed for anyone that have had some experience in working out but have not reached their goals or targets as of yet. Most are confused when it comes to being ready to move on to the next level workout.

You are ready to move on if you meet any of the following conditions;

1) you been working out for at least thirty days at the same level.

2) you are losing some motivation when it comes to your workout.

3) you are no longer or have never broken a sweat during your workout session.

4) you missed a couple of workout sessions lately in the past week or so.

5) you just don't think you have it in you any longer.

Now let's address these five main reasons one at a time and explain why now is the time to move up to the next level workout plan.

1) If you have been at the same level for thirty days and have not yet reached your target. It is because it's going to take more of a workout in order for you to reach your goals. Thirty days is a good pre-workout plan in other-words, a good place to start but do not expect to much within that thirty days. Use this time to get your mental focus and physical routines right and your body used to exercising on a daily basis.Your next level workout must be challenging.

2) You seem to have lost some motivation when it comes to a workout. When you first began you had the will and the desire, but lately you may have lost a little bit or maybe even all of your will. This is normal, when the workout becomes less of a challenge and more tension and stress the, willingness to do the workout will over-ride the desire to keep the promise you made to yourself. It is very difficult to workout with tension and or stress, so the first step must be to get rid of them both. Do whatever it is you must do in order to do so. It is not impossible the live with tension and stress but no exercise this produces high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.Your next level workout is to continue without the tension and stress.

3) Many people will tell you that they do not sweat during a workout but if you ever watched them workout you'll notice that they never push themselves either. Most of these people have mental blocks when it comes to their workouts, they tend to workout three to six months out of the year and have their goals the same as they were last year. They remain in their same comfort zone they been it for the last three, ten, or even twenty years.

Strange as it may seem most of this group of people have been at their place of employment for just as long as they been doing their current workout plan.

It is now time to move on to the next level workout that will challenge you and make you sweat, because you will only sweat if you push closer to your max and you will never reach your max unless you do it.

4) If you missed a couple of workouts last week, chances are you just are not being challenge enough. In your next level workout make sure you workout plan includes one day per week of maxing out usually on Friday or Saturday tis gives you something to look forward to each and every week.

Conclusion: Moving up to the next level workout plan will always be a challenge, but the hardest part is to realize when our time has come to do so. Just remember "when the student is ready the teacher will appear" chances are at your current level you are doing everything right and hitting your daily goals at completing your workout a few times per week. But the next level workout will include some hills to climb and some mountains to push, often this is what we fear most. Ever man wants to bench press 400 pounds and every woman wants to have a six pack and perfect curls. Very few would venture out of their so-called "success zone" in order to reach it. In other-words in order for a man to bench 400 pounds he must stop working out with 200 pounds (his success zone) and increase it every couple of weeks until he reaches 400 pounds. The same goes for a woman you can not just stay with three or four sets of sit-ups on a slight incline bench. You must increase the incline and or do a couple of sets on the roman chair.

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