Acne and Glycolic

Acne and Glycolic

Acne and Glycolic acid here's the connection, acne is a skin problem where the pores get blocked and sometimes inflamed and pimples occur. Glycolic acid is often recommended for acne problems but is it really very helpful?

The oils in your skin can clog up the pores resulting in acne so to treat this condition properly you need to reduce the oil production. You also need to deal with any bacterial infection that has occurred within the skin and increase skin cell turnover.

Also when it comes to acne and glycolic acid you can help to reduce the oil on your skin by using oil free skin care products. You can use a product like Benzoyl peroxide to fight the infection as it has antibacterial agents. To increase skin cell turnover you can use glycolic acid as it helps to remove the dead skin of the top layer allowing for the growth of new skin cells.

Concentrated glycolic acid is actually used by many industries as a rust removal agent so you can see how it would be useful as a skin exfoliant. The strength of the acid that you would apply to your skin is much less than the concentrated amount, usually under 10%. However, because of its strength some doctors are concerned about patients self treating with glycolic acid.

There are some types of acne that should not be treated with an exfoliating treatment. Acne Rosacea for example, is actually not acne even though its name suggests it is, this condition will not respond well to exfoliation treatment.

If you suffer with pustules you should also avoid exfoliation as it can open up the pustules and spread the infection over the skin. By spreading the infection you will spread the acne and will soon have more pimples breaking out.

You can spend your life treating your acne and you may be successful in reducing it for a while but new pimples will keep on appearing. It is better to treat your acne holistically so you can get rid of it altogether. You need to start by trying to find the cause of your acne so you can avoid it.

Take a look at any skin care products that you currently use as well as hair products. Skin care products and hair products are a common cause of acne if your skin reacts to them. Cosmetics can also cause acne, particularly if makeup is not washed off properly at the end of the day.

Another reason for acne and glycolic acid is an unhealthy diet is another cause of acne. Foods that are high in sugar or high in saturated fats can contribute to the condition, so changing your diet to one that includes lots of fruit and vegetables should effectively reduce your acne. Also make sure that you are drinking lots of water each day to flush any toxins out of your body and also to keep your skin hydrated.

Have a good skin care routine by cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin daily. Always do this at night to wash off any makeup as well as washing off any dirt and sweat that has built up during the day.

If you are considering using a glycolic acid acne cure then seek advice from your doctor or a dermatologist first. Your doctor will let you know if he thinks this type of treatment would be beneficial.

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