Lose Belly Fat

Lose belly fat or flab belly this is not just an eye sore for those that have it, but it usually comes with things like felling sluggish, drained, high blood pressure, sore knees due to your body is having to carry those extra pounds, and many more things coming along with being overweight as well.

What I am going to go over in this article are 5 simple ways to hammer away at belly fat that does not require so much time like going to the gym 3 - 5 times per week.

Lose belly fat tips.

1) Stop using the elevators, start off slowly committing to this one day a week and work your way up from there.

2) This sounds silly but it works, stop eating the same thing everyday at the same time everyday. For example if you eat an egg sandwich everyday at 6:00 am, save that egg sandwich for lunch and eat your lunch for breakfast or even your leftover dinner from last night. I thought this was kinda silly at first until I tried it out myself and this really does work.

3) Commit to walking a little everyday until you are walking a couple of miles, if you need help doing this begin by parking your car a half mile from your job and walk in.

4) Another silly one but works wonders, commit to not asking anyone to hand you anything or get anything for you. This sounds easy but do this for one full day, now this includes asking the kids to hand you the remote control, asking your darling to bring you a glass of water while they are in the kitchen or even having your honey throw you down the keys etc.

5) Walk everywhere you want to go if it's less than a quarter mile. And ride your bike everywhere you want to go if it's less than a mile, don't have a bike get one from the yard sale for $5.00 this weekend. in other words you favorite store is two blocks away ride your bike or walk.

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