Sprinting Track Workout

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A good sprinting track workout uses a combination of plyometric training and weight training to build functional strength. The core exercises for improving performance over 100m and 200m are:

* Weighted Lunges with heavy dumbbells * Weighted Squats * Cable Leg Drives * Explosive step ups with weighted barbell * Bunny Hops / Box Jumps * Frog Leaps * Ankle Rolls * High-knee Skips * Strides

Lunges and squats are the core weight training exercises in any good sprinting track workout to build strength. Ideally performed with free weights, and go heavy. Sets of 8-12 reps are ideal. The bunny hops and frog leaps build explosive strength. See our plyometric workout for boxers to get more information on plyometric training. Circuit training is also an essential part to all round athletic fitness.

In addition to building core functional strength, your routine should include a lot of flexibility training and sprint drills. Top sprinter's train for about 2 - 3 hours a day, but this is intensive training, followed by rest, massage and relaxation to ensure full recovery before the next session. Top Sprinter's Diet and Nutrition

Many professional athletes will not take supplements. Most admits to taking vitamin C, but nothing else. Instead, many opts for a high-energy diet to maintain his engine, ensuring that each of his six daily meals contain 60% protein, 30% carbs and 10% fats. Sprinters should consume one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight to build and maintain muscle. So at approx. 14-stone, a top sprinter needs to consume 196 grams of muscle-building protein every day. You can achieve this by eating a lot of chicken fillets, beef and fish.

Yams which are an excellent source of energy-transporting carbohydrates, digestion-aiding fiber and vitamins C and A. Yams are a tropical root vegetable, but can often be purchased from many supermarkets. Author

sprinting track workout

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