250 lb bench press 10x

250 lb bench press 10x is a high bench press to go after, but let's face it most guys go after this because they already know that if a person can do 250 lb bench press 10x, that also means they can bench press 400 lbs one time at least.

The only problem is that most guys burn themselves out before hitting the bench mark. If you are really serious about doing this remember the long standing golden rule "your body will always conform to the workout". In other words your chest will not and can not remain weak if you're doing a good chest workout at least once per week.

The fastest way to get to 250 lb bench press 10x, is to start with a low weight of bench press, something you can do 18 to 22 reps with. And bench press this 100 x three times per week. In other words your workout should look something like the one I have here below.

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