Sprinting Workouts

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Sprinting workouts program is designed for more serious athletes, who desire to stay in shape or get into top shape before summer's end. This program is designed to help you cut the extra fat fast, get stronger, and increased your wind power.

This is a 30 day workout program to be done 4-5 days per week on any track or field you can find. This workout is a 40 minute workout. A stopwatch or a watch is needed for this program. Before you get started please take notice and read the entire workout plan, you will notice that this is not one of those easy workouts that promises amazing results, with little or no effort on your part, this is a hard workout that does produce amazing results.

Week #1) warm-up with stretching and jogging in place for 4 minutes,

next, Jog for 4 minutes easy, walk for 1 minutes,

next, Jog for 6 minutes easy, walk for 1 minute,

next, Run 2 - 400 meters hard 1 lap around track, walk for 1 minute between each,

next, run 3 - 200 meter hard, walk for 1 minute between each,

next, run 6 - 100 meter hard, walk for 1 minute between each,

next, run 8 - 50 meter hard, walk for 30 seconds between each,

Last, Jog for 3 minutes easy, walk for 2 minutes, stretch and cool down for 5 - 10 minutes, sprinting workouts

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