10 Minute Workout

Below is a different 10 minute workout program for those that may not like doing cardio shown in the video above. Now this one should be done daily, one to three times at least every day. This is a beginners exercise program for designed those who had little or no exercise experience in the past and who have a desire to lose 100 pounds or more.

Do every exercise for 1 minute if possible. So you will need a clock or watch with a second hand.

1) Knee ups, marching in place while picking your knees up as high as possible for one minute.

2) Squats, start by sitting in a chair stand up and sit back down as many times possible in one minute.

3) Tip toes, while standing with your feet about one foot apart go up and down on your tip toes as many times possible within one minute, if you can not do this while standing, do this while sitting.

4) Get ups, lie down flat on your back on the floor and get up into a standing position, then lie down on your stomach and get up into the standing position. then repeat as many times possible within one minute. If you can not do this from the floor do this from the couch or bed.

These four exercises are excellent for starting out with a exercise program, I suggest you do this at your own pace and do not be disappointed if you find some of these exercises to difficult when first starting out, just do what you can. You may consider doing this program first thing in the morning and again before bed or even while watching your favorite show on television. For example do one exercise on every commercial break even.

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