Lower Blood Sugar

We should all eat foods to lower blood sugar levels as the rates of diabetes are skyrocketing. But you could lower your risk significantly just by eating more of these three foods: spinach, almonds, and black beans.

Each one is a rich, healthful source of magnesium. And in a study of middle-aged people, those whose diets had the most magnesium were 36 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared with the people who got the least amount of this mineral.

Get More Magnesium The people at the high-intake end of the study got about 300 milligrams (mg) of magnesium each day. But for optimal health benefits, you should probably aim even higher. Health experts Michael Roizen, MD, and Mehmet Oz, MD, recommend that people get 400 mg to 500 mg a day. And you've got lots of easy and delicious food choices to get you there. Enjoy half a cup of spinach, three-quarters of a cup of black beans, or an ounce of almonds for an extra 75–80 mg of magnesium. Other great food sources include halibut, bran cereal, baked potatoes, brown rice, and bananas. (Check out all the other health benefits of magnesium.)

Magic Mineral Magnesium is essential for healthy blood sugar because magnesium helps your body use carbs for energy. Your body turns carbs into blood sugar, but when magnesium stores are low, your cells can't take up and use blood sugar properly -- a condition also known as insulin resistance. So help keep your energy system running smoothly by eating more magnesium-rich foods.

Lower Blood Sugar

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