Pro Athlete Workouts

Pro athlete workouts are not the same as your ordinary routines, first of all they are done with more intensity and perspiration. The pros know that there are no shortcuts and the only true gift that they have is their own desire and their will to win.

Pro athlete workouts are always made to produce results that the athlete sees in the mirror and feels on the body and not for the scale. As compared to the non-pros that often just go for whatever the scale reads, which is a huge mistake.It is always best to work your way up to any pro athlete workouts for any part of the body you may need extra help in.

Your body changes constantly, especially when you stop working-out. Let's say you stop working-out for five years and you want to get back into a shape or figure you once had. If all you do is watch the scale daily, you will hit your targeted weight but it will be a different body.

Whenever a person stops working-out for a few years, and gains and extra twenty or thirty pounds. The muscles have also got much weaker as well especially in women. If a woman stops workout-out she could lose forty percent of her strength within five years time period. This is the reason why it is a mistake to begin with the scale.

The proper way to do this is to look in the mirror and take inventory. What do you see? most women lose strength and muscle in their shoulders and arms rapidly. To the point that the sshoulders begin to sag, and no longer have the strength sit up straight as they once did. So if all you do is weight yourself and not workout properly your targeted weight will also include those saggy shoulders and mussy legs and maybe even a small belly. This is why the mirror has to be a closer friend than the scale.

Below is the best of all pro athlete workouts for a perfect set of strong shoulders this workout should be done once per week. This is the exact workout as female model and pro body builder Brigita Brezovac uses.

pro athlete workouts




Barbell behind-the-neck presses 4 8 - 12
Dumbell shoulder presses 4 10 - 15
Lateral raises 4 10 - 12
One arm cable lateral raises 4 10 - 15
Rear Laterals 4 8 - 12
Seated cable rear Laterals 4 10 - 15

Brigita Brezovzc 32, is a Slovenia-born model and bodybuilder she made a remarkable IFBB Pro league debut in 2011, winning her first two contests.. Her shoulders are especially outstanding, and she trains them once weekly doing eight sets for each part of her shoulders.

pro athlete workouts

pro athlete workouts Men

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