Beach Body Workout

Beach Body Workout is done by rounds so you will need a stopwatch or a watch with a second hand, you will also need to plan to workout daily, so you must make a commitment to do such. Remember people that plan to workout 5-6 days per week usually end up working out 3-4 days per week, and those that plan on working out 3-4 days per week usually quit within two weeks. So make it your plan to work out seven days per week.

Beach Body Workout is made to cut fat and increase strength.

Days 1,2,5,10,13,19,20,28,35

1) Round one (steps for three minutes) run up and down a flight of stairs for three minutes.

Rest for one minute.

2) Round two (push ups for two minutes) do as many push ups as possible for two minutes if you must rest, rest only in the up position.

Rest for one minute.

3) Round three - dumbbell press for two minutes, use 5 to 25 pound dumbbell and press from shoulder to overhead press.

Rest for one minute.

4) Round four (dumbbell curls for three minutes) using 5 to 25 pound dumbbells.

Rest for one minute.

5) Round Five (sit ups for one minute) do whatever situps you can do for one minute nonstop.

Rest for one minute.

6) Round six Repeat round two (push ups for two minutes)

Rest for one minute

7) Round seven Jumps (jump up and down as high as possible for three minutes)

Rest one minute.

8) Round Eight Repeat round three dumbbell press for two minutes.

Rest one minute

9) Round Nine repeat round four dumbbell for two minutes.

Rest for one minute

10) Round Ten (Jumping jacks for three minutes.

Running to be done on days 3,4,6,9,12,14,18,22,25,26,30,31,33,

1) Jog for 10 minutes.

Rest for two minutes.

2) Sprint for 30 seconds.

Rest for two minutes. Repeat three times.

3) Sprint for 8 seconds.

Rest for two minutes. repeat eight times.

4) Jog for five minutes.

Push ups to be done on days 7,8,11,15,16,17,21,23,24,27,29,32,34,36

1) 40 push ups

Rest one minute and repeat 10 times.

2) 35 push ups

Rest one minute and repeat 8 times.

3) 30 push ups

Rest 30 seconds and repeat 6 times.

that's it for the Beach Body Workout

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beach body workout

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A perfect body is achievable through body cleansing, exercise, and balanced nutrition.

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