Psychologically Unworkoutable

Psychologically Unworkoutable

Psychologically unworkoutable is a phase I just coined up meaning exactly what it sounds like. The inability to get the mind-set right and get into a good workout program and stick with it more than a few weeks.

People that have this so-called psychologically unworkoutable condition really do not have any condition at all but they just need to redefine their achievements and job well done.

Most people dedicate 50 hours or more to work weekly (40 hours working plus 10 hours preparing and traveling) this makes find the right workout for you that much more of a challenge. Most people are not real morning people and do not care to workout in the morning and in the evening time just to tired with picking up the kids and taking them to their extra activities, and do not have time for their own much needed workout.

Here is a step by step plan to overcome this psychologically unworkoutable;

1)Have a certain spot in your home dedicated as your workout spot or home gym, do not make this spot a place where you have to move furniture back and forth as your workout spot. It is too much trouble to move stuff out of the way then workout, then put stuff back afterwards. You'll see why later.

2)People that succeed in workingout and advoiding psychologically unworkoutable usually get up 45 minutes to an hour earlier than they normally would to workout and shower before going off to work. This is a two step process first, set your alarm clock one hour earlier the first week but do not attempt to workout just make the body get use to being and getting up this time of morning. Second on week two go to your workout area but do not attempt to workout if your heart is not into it. But do think about working-out by putting a workout cd in or watching a workout video online during this time.

3)In week three make it your goal to begin a workout program nothing hard, go for something like 5 sets of 10 Jumping Jacks. In the first two weeks you forced the mind to accept doing something and coming out of your comfort zone. Now it's time to take the body from it's current comfort zone, and redefine a new one. This is a slow process and it must be made a permanent place for your confort zone.

4) In week four mix your workouts with different daily routines either from exercise cd's or the internet..Remember the sky is the limit.

By making it this far your achievements are huge and are as follows.

1) You believed in yourself before you started and you knew you would overcome psychologically unworkoutable.

2) You redefinded you comfort zone by taking time out for yourself and making your mind and body stretch.

3) You are in a workout program now.

4) You feel better about yourself, even if you did not reach your final goals yet. You see light at the end of the tunnel.

5) You know you are standing at the foot of a mountain and have the tools to climb it now. It is the same mountain you always wanted to climb but may not have had will or faith to cross the dry dessert often fill with past failures and workout attempts. Today you are no longer looking from afar over the horizons, you made the sacrifices and you are here because you deserve it.

Now begin the process of getting your secret satisfied.

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