10 Minute Chest Workout

by Romano Chandansingh

10 Minute Chest Workout
The chest! the most prominent muscle on a men's body. A good sculpted chest will impress both men and women. However in daily routine, the chest isn't used a lot, which means it really needs training to become prominent. Luckily we'll give you a way to train your chest even if you have just 10 minutes to spare! To make it even better...this 10 minute chest workout doesn't need any equipment.. So you can do it anywhere!
For this workout we're going to rely on the well-known push up. This exercise targets the whole chest area and part of your shoulder, which also helps in getting a nice shape.

For this routine you need some kind of stopwatch or even better a interval timer. If you don't have any of those, a clock with indication of seconds will also do.

the 10 Minute Chest Workout
The first minute you're going to make as much push-ups possible, try to keep going. If you can go any further, take a 3 second break and try another rep.

* After the first minute, put your knees on the ground and pull your feet towards your butt. This way the movement becomes easier and by pulling your feet towards your you keep having a straight back.
* Now in this position try to do as many push-ups as you can, again for 1 whole minute.
* Take a 2-minute break
* Repeat the whole set, twice


* If this is to hard, try to do just 1 minute of normal push ups followed by 2 minutes of rest, but make a total of 4 sets
* If you want to add some variety, vary the position of your hands per set. For example do the first sets with your hands wide, the second set with your hands neutral and the last set with you hand close to you.
* Keep a record of how many reps you can do in those two minutes and use it as a motivation for your next training.



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